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When leaving home at seventeen, he was all alone

The Army made his mind strong and his body tone

He had a knack for the training and firing his gun

Weekends with his buddies they tried to have fun.


After the training he was sent off to fight in some war

Didn’t know where it was or what they were fighting for

Was it for freedom, a principle or someone’s belief?

It became fighting for his brothers and that was a relief


He wasn’t going to kill for some great political cause

Just the thought of doing that gave him great pause

Fighting was second nature from training and instinct

Courage made him special, his actions made him distinct


The band had started with eight, slowly becoming just two

Strange how after each death it was strength that he drew

 He resolved to leave alive from this God forsaken land

But time went so slowly, like the hour glass of sand


Came back home, released from his responsibility

Thought maybe now he can feel some tranquility

But walking through the airport seeing faces so cold

Finding out later it wasn’t the truth that they were told


Once at a party he was asked “Did you ever kill anyone?”

Eyes glaring he snapped back “You think it was for fun?”

Looking at this person thinking was this what it was for?

Disgusted with all of them he just walked out the door


Some memories made him want to crawl into a hole

When he had to kill in war, did it jeopardize his soul?

He felt that GOD would forgive, or at least HE should

His brothers lives he had protected, anyway that he could


Near all memories had faded, felt good most of the time

On some rare occasion, felt like he was losing his mind

Remembering all his buddies and how they had lived

They were always there for him, that’s what you did


With each new generation that is sent off to war

There are hopes for the next there will be no more

But we seem to find new reasons to kill each other

The very best you can do is to protect your broth

This poem was share by:

Ed Swindell

Vietnam Vet

135th AHC 70-71


My Dearest Soldier

My dearest soldier, I remember when you would have died for me,
Why then oh why, is suicide the only option you can now see?

I sit here alone and wish I knew how to call you up on the phone.
I wish I knew who or where you were so I could make sure you aren't alone.

I wish you would send me your email so I could just drop you a line,
The real truth is, I want some guarantee that you will eventually be just fine.

But wars hurt and mame and the warriors never come home quite the same.
You all have paid such an ultimate price and life in this world can get insane.

If I could scream at you I would say just wait a little longer until you want to again live.
But I know that with PTSD, brain trauma, wheelchair’s, and all the rest, your feeling you must have nothing else to give.

But if you will take just a moment to listen to a friend, I promise with time the heart can again mend.
If you listen close I’ll tell you the truth, even with a battered body or mind, you still have something special you can give a friend.

Make sure someone gets you some access to a phone and a computer,
Because I am excited to see what you can all do if You choose to live until the future.

There will be hope again in your life, I Promise!

With Loving Regards,
Debbie Wilson 12-26-2011