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Letter of Explanation
24 January 20XX
[Company Name]
ABC Production Inc.
1469 Lostwoods Road
Chicago, Illinois 60001

[Contact Name  or Sir or Madam - if you have a chance prior to applying ask for a name]

Dear Ms. Janet Smyth; 

[Admission of Guilt - if you were arrested - and found guilty or plead guilty - you have to take the responsibility for your action(s)]
Please accept this letter of explanation regarding the request for information about conviction(s). On October 3, 2004, I was found guilty for the delivery of a controlled substance. [Regret] I have learned that my crime has caused great suffering to everyone, and it is something I will have a life time to regret.  [Understanding] I am sure you have reservations in considering the hiring me, and all can hope is to try to explain the specifics, my true regret and why it will never happen again in the future.

[Sell yourself]
Since, I have been attending college courses and have received a bachelor’s degree in computer science. additionally, I have taken various other supportive courses to assure my life and transition will be both fruitful and progressive. For the past year, I have been volunteering with my church talking with the youth so they will not follow the easy path to prison, as well as, maintained going to a local supportive group.
Now that I have the opportunity to turn my life around and become the outstanding employee you are seeking. Both the United States Department of Labor and the State of Illinois are willing, at no cost to you, to post a $5000.00 Fidelity Bond with you on my behalf. Additionally, the I.R.S. offers a one-time tax credit for employers who hire ex-felons.
I personally thank you for this time and consideration.

[don't forget to sign]
Robert Smith
Robert Smith
1313 Mocking Bird Lane
Sandhill, Illinois 61212