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Rules of thumb 
If you haven't forgiven yourself -
How can anyone else?
You have only one time to explain a criminal record -
Don't waste your oppertunity!  
Each state may have different laws or requirements about disclosing ones background -
Never assume that an employer can't request this information             
This request can be given at any point and time after giving a tentive job offer. 
A Criminal History does not expire or drop off after any amount of time-
Only through Expungement, Sealing or Executive Clemency can a criminal history be removed or hiden from view from most employers. -                              

In applying for employment if it doesn't feel it is a good fit based on your conviction

it  does it make since If it isn't a good fit


Letter of Explanation

Basic rules and concepts

Before you begin there are two Letters of Explanation which maybe required.
One if you have any felony convictions and another if you have any misdemeanor convictions the reason is if you are ask if you had any felony convictions verse any convictions

Rule of thumb if not asked don't tell these letters are only to be used to explain a conviction on an application and to be use if all possible as an attachment - I DO NOT advise to say will explain at interview on an application that maybe too late.