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The closer the match between a job and your work preferences, financial needs and transferable skills, the more likely you will be successful and happy in that job.
Remember to search for the perfect position, but keep in mind, it is rare to find a perfect match. Next is based on proper time allocaton of resources, meaning don't put all of your eggs in one basket. Keep in mind that no one source has a list of all positions, one has to take a multi source plan. 

The following is a list of ways you can conduct career exploration.
• Networking
• Employment state and private sector agencies/services (temporary or full-time)
• Training or apprenticeship programs
• Informational interviews
• Business magazines
• Business section of newspapers
• Chamber of commerce
• Colleges and universities
• Internet
• Internships
• Job fairs
• Occupational handbooks
• Trade shows

As you begin to explore, refer to the following networking and telephone techniques.
Using the Phone The telephone may be your most important occupational exploration tool. Using it effectively can bring you more information and job leads than any other method.
Always research the company before calling