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Application Continued
Work history
   Names of employers including current employer
   Mailing and street addresses (if different), and phone numbers. 
   Start and end dates. Write present for the ending date at your current employer.
   Reasons for leaving. ** Be careful with this one. Never criticize a former employer. 

   Last or beginning and ending salaries. If you want to temporarily sidestep salary or don't think it's any of their business, leave it blank or write competitive. .

Boss's names, titles and business contact information
Your titles and the type of work you did

Reasons for gaps of employment in your work history

Remember to fill out the form completely; do not leave any blank spaces, if it doesn't apply put N/A or something to that effect.
Be as neat as possible, with no strikeouts or scribble overs. (This is why you have your information prepared in advance.

Being prepared to fill out a job application, on the spot, may make you the front-runner in that coveted position.