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Position desired, first and second choices

Geographic preference, first and second choices

Salary desired. If you want to temporarily sidestep the salary issue so you can negotiate, write negotiable, open or competitive.

How you heard about the job

If an employee referred you, get the employee's work contact information in advance.

Include it on the job application
Education and training
   Start and end dates
   School names and addresses
   Majors and minors (if it applys to the position)
   Degrees earned and dates
   Grade point average - Rank in class
   Titles of Master's and Ph.D. Theses, and advisors' names
Additional skills.
   Typing WPM
   Professional licenses
   Language fluency
   Software knowledge
   Equipment knowledge
   Technical skills

Professional organization memberships
Names of organizations
Dates of membership
Addresses and phone numbers
Four to five professitional references
   Business and home addresses
   Day and evening phone numbers