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Vets4veterans believes in vets and this is website is about the veterans, soldiers, sailors, marines and our families
Why Vets4Veterans
Why Vets4Veterans was created. Simply put because of the ability of empowerment, and what it means to the person in need. Empowering you to take control of your life through information, so that you can make the best decisions for your life. You will find useful Information and resources that are available that range from employment, general, and emergency information.
The information you will find is based on the accumulation of over 10 years of research and continues to search out new resources that are specific for veterans and non-veteran alike. What this means to you is a larger amount of services that you can utilize.
At all times we seek information that can help those who are still on active duty, those who have transition back to civilian life, our families, and those who assist veterans throughout the course of our life.
As the founder and creator of the, I started searching and researching resources that were available. Often, like so many others, felt lost after leaving ETSing back to the civilian world and as a Combat Gulf War veteran. Often feeling betrayed because of not having the tools and information to make the best possible choices.  As we all learned in the military information is power, power to control our direction to achieve the goals we have placed before ourselves.
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If you know of services or information to help our nations hero's let us know