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About Vets 4 Veterans

100% owned - operated - by Service Connected Disabled Veterans

Vets 4 Veterans believes in our nation and the vets who served or are serving.


If the tone of the message found in "About Vets 4 Veterans" offends anyone - you are the wrong person for this site and in my opinion really doesn't care about those who had served and defended our nation no matter how justified the war. Vets 4 Veterans is not state that we are politically correct website - this site strives to work to be the best tool to help veterans, active duty, and for those who served them.


This is website is a tool that can empower veterans, soldiers, sailors, marines and our families who have stood by our side through thick and thin -


We want and are your One Stop Shop of Resource and information to help empower you and your family into the future Vets 4 Veterans.


This website was created by a Veteran who cares about those in transition and service connected disabled veteran who had to fight like all of us to obtain information in order to find my own direction. I intend this site to be a guide and help you find your direction as well.


There are many - I say again all over many companies who truly care about both this nation and in both helping and hiring veterans. These companies are the ones I embrace.


This site is not for those who wish to profit from our service and I have rejected many whose sole belief is to their bottom line and and not for those of us who defended or are still defending our nation. 


Vets 4 Veterans cares only to use the best sources and recourses that can truly help and inform veterans, active duty service members, and their families.


For any individual or business who wishes to truly help and step-up vet or not, I ask for them to reach out and send links and information.


If you look only for profit - bless your heart and please keep looking for another method and resource, in short don't bother.


This website was and is also created to help veterans transition back into everyday life. I  believe that information is crucial no matter the degree of need.


My personal mantra is this dissemination of information is the key necessity in order to make proper choices in life, and because of this I created this website and dedicate it to  help provide information  


My other goal from this site is as a means to raise funds for a 501 C3 Veterans Transitional Center Inc. Whose  goals are to help those veterans, veterans who are single parents and those veteran families, towards receiving the needed help and employment.