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30 Second Commercial

Before we address the parts and what makes up a successful commercial, the first rule of thumb is - Practice Yes, but
don't memorizes this word for word - I have seen too many get caught up and have choked diminishing from the best first impression they could have made. remember you have only one time and one chance to give a first impression.
A 30 second commercial -

Is many things first of all it is your first impression that you give to a prospective employers - It gives insight into your abilities to communicate your ideas clearly and concisely.  
*     It is your tool to express an overview of your experience. It includes your skills, strengths, accomplishments
       and goals while networking or in an interviewing when asked “Tell me about yourself.”
*     Your commercial will change throughout your professional life. 
*      Your commercial should include
                An introduce of yourself, if appropriate.
                Your career direction
                State your experience. military, civilian, volunteer and academic.
                Give your strengths or skills in which apply and pertinent.
                Possibly give an accomplishment that proves you have these abilities

Keep it on point and never embellish beyond your abilities -
                Your commercial allows you to stand out from everyone else.
                Choose your words wisely and always keep on point

Stop - when you are done. A conversation is made up of two parts listening to one part speaking. If you are talking how can you be listening
Your time spent listening time will give you breath and time to prepared to answer the follow-up questions, you have been practicing
As you create your own think about
What is your career goal, What skill, strength, or experiences, What are your accomplishments that proves you have that skill, strength, or experience.


Good [Morning/Afternoon] my name is Scott Vet.

My Goal is to continue to work as a supervisor at a ----- size company where I can apply over ten years of logistical military experience of which of over seven of the ten years working as a supply supervisor for the United States Army. During my enlistment, I overseen the movement of more than 40 million dollars each day and a staff of upwards of 20 professionals. 

Additionally I have worked and held various command positions with the Veterans of Foreign Wars and the American Legion helping my chapters continue to move forward in assisting both veterans and soldiers who were in need and the children of local families with education programs. 

Since leaving the military I had completed my Bachelors of Science in Business Administration with honors